Kiddom, is an edtech app that does a lot for a variety of users. It began as a Learning Management System (LMS) that also offered a gradebook and real-time reports for teachers and students. Most recently they included Curriculum Management to their suite of tools. Their users include educators, students, admin and guardians.

Most of my work was as an associate product designer, but some work was done as an intern as well.


New Feature, User Research
- research, native iOS and Android mobile app
- parents & guardians

Skills: user research (survey, discussion, field research, usability testing); paper testing; presentation

Deliverables: research planning, facilitation, and documentation, hi-fi wireframes, paper report mockups


Improvement of Existing Feature
- desktop, mobile for complex workflow
- teacher & student experience

Skills: auditing UX; collaboration; working with ambiguity and time constraints

Deliverables: UX audit documentation, prioritization with Product, iterative wireframes.

Preview Bundled Curriculum

Growth Project of New Feature/Partnership
- responsive
- new users, leads

Skills: collaboration with marketing, ux writing, wireframing; guided tour

Deliverables: wireframes, responsive design, prototype

You can also see this project is live on the Kiddom site.