Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a product designer in the Bay Area.




Reading, writing, cooking, baking, museums, walking about, games, puns.


My last name is Plante, my logo is a plant, but I have a black thumb. I kill even cacti.

Growing up, my head was in books but my eyes were focused on the world around me. If I were to sum myself up, I've always been curious and creative.

I went to U.C. Berkeley (B.A. English), taught for 8 years, and made a professional pivot to design when I learned about user experience.

Both professions tap into my predilection to empathize and problem solve. If we make the world a better place, or just make a person's life easier, then I'd say we are doing pretty darn well.

Let's work together


Like dogs but love the aloof, independent, and moody love of cats.